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Forever With the Bouncer

December 10. 2021

I’m done with men, they’re all trouble. Even the tall, muscled, tattooed coworker that I’m in love with. 

Roni is happy being single and independent. After an ex used her name to run up thousands in debt, every dime she earns pouring drinks goes toward paying off the money she owes. She definitely doesn’t have time for the bouncer at the bar. No matter how hot he is or how much she adores his daughter. 

Nate’s been burned before. Starting a family and settling down is all he ever wanted, but here he is, a single dad to a little girl and working as a bouncer. No matter how hard he tries to get her attention, the gorgeous spunky woman behind the bar keeps avoiding his gaze. 

Can Roni and Nate get past their own stubbornness to find love, or will the past leave them drinking alone? 

Bouncer: Project
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