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Let's Geek It On

Amelia Alexander 
Fun, independent, and an aspiring Word Nerd. 
Since leaving school and my hometown, I’ve had one goal: join the crew at Words for Nerds Comics. Grabbing a job at the bookstore across the street is a close second. Who wouldn’t want to spend all day surrounded by books? Add in my new bestie, Simon, and I have everything I need in life. 
The last thing I need is to complicate things with a silly crush on my best friend.

Simon Shipp
Geek, introvert, and millionaire. 
After selling my app and language program to the government, I was ready to quit my job at the bookstore and focus on programming. Until Amelia walked in with a nerdy t-shirt and killer smile. All thoughts of quitting left instantly. Now she’s my best friend in the world and I’d never do anything to compromise that. 
I definitely wouldn’t fall in love with her. 

Let's Geek It On: Project
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