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Secrets & Admirers

In less than a week, I've found myself homeless and alone. 
What else is a girl to do when life keeps kicking me down? The only thing I know how.
Start over. 
With a couple of bags and a scrap of paper, I put myself on a bus and set off across the country to the one friend I know I can turn to.
I had no intention of falling in love. 
Then I found a notebook.

I've always been the underdog. Coming into this world four minutes behind my twin brother Beck has never bothered me. Being burned, both literally and figuratively by Beck is a different story though.
With a failed engagement, a sick mother and a party-boy brother, most of my life is a blur. 
Until I see her.
But lots of words and a dark cloud from her past threaten to tear it all apart.

Will she be able to see past the secrets to find who truly admirers her?

Secrets & Admirers: Work
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