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Toweled Off

September 30. 2021

Looking for that special someone? Need to get away?
Look no further!
Join us for a Single's Week of mixers and adventures!
From far and near, the more the merrier! Everyone's welcome!

Delilah is finally healing after Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. Cheater. Months of ice cream binges, tears, and tantrums later, she’s ready to move on. Kismet Cove Single’s week is the perfect chance to start over, flirt, and maybe meet someone. 

Her ex’s best friend showing up and barging into her hotel room is not in the plan. 

Neither is her ex tagging along. 

Evan has had enough of working too hard. With a solid career on the police force locked down, he’s finally ready to relax on a much needed vacation and get over his crush on his best friend’s ex. His jerk of a best friend tagging along is only an annoyance.

Until he barges into the wrong room to find the woman of his dreams in nothing but a towel.

Toweled Off: Project
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