Welcome to Words for Nerds: 

Best Comic shop in the south!

Meet Noralee Reynolds, owner of Words for Nerds Comics. Nora and her staff Aim to Misbehave and give you the best comic buying experience out there! 

After a break-in, Noralee meets the sexy Officer Wyatt Collins and while he's checking out the case, she's checking out his hot bod. 

Can the single dad cop talk the nerdy comic shop owner into a date and maybe more? 

Pro-Gamer, Rae Stewart is on top of her game, coming in number one in every game she plays. Her top competitor for number one is the secretive August Ryan. When Rae's gamer life and real-life collide, she has to decide if August's past is going to ruin their future. 

Tuesday Stewart: Owner of Second Breakfast, quoter of Lord of the Rings, secret best-selling Sci-fi author, and not so secretly in love with her best friend's brother. If only that combination didn't cause her so many issues. 

Leo Stewart: Bookstore manager, responsible older brother, and overall bore according to others. After spending years raising his little sister, he's ready to enjoy life and he intends for Tuesday to be part of that life. 

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